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Hello everyone!

This is the official "closed for the season" notice. All de-scroogers have been dispatched and to the best of my knowledge everyone has been take care of.

I hope everyone had a great time!

Take care everyone!
Hello Everyone!

January 17th, and as promised this is the "I've been scrooged!" thread.

1. If you have received an email from an ONTD Hogwarts Secret Santa Mod since January first, please take that time frame into account. We all know that the holidays are a tight budget time, so keep it in mind.

2.Please email hogwartssanta@gmail.com or post here if you have not received your gift at this time.

3. If we do not receive a reply from your Santa, we will consider you scrooged and add you to our list for de-scroogification. You will be notified of this by email.

4. If you are a Santa, have sent your present and see your giftee in the comments or receive an email, please reveal yourself. It will ruin the surprise, but it will help work out any shipping kinks.

5. We ask that you only reply or post here if you have not received your gift.

*******If you have gotten your gift Thank Your Santa, that thread is here. Or send them a privet message just telling them thanks so they know you got the gift.********

Any questions? Those you can email to hogwartssanta@gmail.com.



I'm hearing that some gifts are arriving so now is the time to say thanks! I can not stress how important this is to everyone! Just knowing the person you sent something to got what you sent is great.
If you don't want to say anything on here that's fine, but please send a private thanks to your Santa!

A few more important things: 
1) Please refrain from letting personal information of your Santa known. Please be kind to your Santa and respect their privacy. Doing so would lead to an automatic ban from the community and future ONTD_HP Secret Santa activities.

2) If you haven't received your gift by mid-January, there will be a descrooging thread for you. 

3) Some of you may have received late notification email regarding late shipping. Please allow a few weeks for the gifts to arrive. 

show your gratitude to your awesome Santa and flaunt your gifts proud (Santas, feel free to reveal yourself, if you wish!). AND - show everyone pics!

Have a very nice holiday, everyone!!!!

UPDATE: ONTD_Hogwarts Secret Santa

Just want to let everyone who signed up know that I have sent out information of each person's giftee.

If you signed up and haven't received an email, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (p.s. Make sure it hasn't gone to your spam folder)

If you have any questions/doubts, feel free to email me and I'll try to help out in whatever ways I can.


- Send your gift at your earliest convenience

- If for any reason you have to pull out, let me know as soon as possible!

- If for any reason, your gift will be arriving late, let me know so I can let your giftee know!

- Don’t spend more than $15! It's the thought that counts!


Secret Santa, ONTD_Hogwarts style!

Thank you for your interest in Secret Santa, ONTD_Hogwarts style!

This will be the sign up post. In order to keep this confidential! I ask that all signups get sent to The Official Hogwarts Secret Santa Email Address at hogwartssanta@gmail.com


1. Deadline to sign up is November 2nd, 2011. ***Note*** I have extended the sign up time for anyone that was running a bit late!

2. You will be notified of your partner on or about Nov 15th, 2011 by email.

3. Spending limit is about $15.00 this does not mean you have to go out and spend exactly $15. You can use anything at your disposal. It is the thought that counts, not the cost!!

4. Mail to your partner by December 25th! (A little leeway is ok, but please try for before New Year's!)

5. You are NOT required to make a gift. A homemade gift is always nice but at this time of year we understand if that might not be possible. Make sure you count the cost of your homemade gift in the $15.

6. PLEASE NOTE: Your address, should you provide it, will be sent to someone else who participates on this forum. The only people who will see it are myself, the volunteers, and your Santa. If you have any concerns about this, I would suggest optioning for the online gift.

7. If you find out that you cannot participate after having signed up, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOU CAN! I don't have a problem switching around a few things so that everyone is covered. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume a gift is being sent in one form or another. For those who may unfortunately be a victim of this, there will be an "I've been scrooged!" submission date. This applies for both physical gifts and online gifting.

8. To participate, please send an email to hogwartssanta@gmail.com
with the following questionnaire completed.

LJ User Name:
Real Name:
Mailing Address:

Favorite GQMF? (Harry Potter or Otherwise this one is up to you)
Favourite HP character?
Favourite HP book?
Favorite HP Movie?

Do you collect anything?
Are you allergic to anything?
Things you spend the most money on?

Other information you would like your Santa to know about you:
Tumblr/twitter/facebook/blog (other than LJ)/personal website?

Will you be sending a Physical Gift/Card Only/Online Gift ?
For physical gift/card only options: Are you willing to ship internationally?
As a santa, are you willing to act as a "de-scrooger"? A de-scrooger is someone who sends someone who got scrooged a gift without reciprocation:

9. Note: Due to past experience, should you choose to exchange online gifts, please understand that I can't be responsible if you do not receive a gift as there are no tracking system for emailing. I will try my best to find out from your Santa or arrange for de-scrooging.

I advise you to join/watch this community so that you'll receive updates regarding SS. I will try to cross-post to ontd_hogwarts whenever possible, but I'd prefer to not clutter the comm.

PLEASE NOTE: Your address, should you provide it, will be sent to
someone else who participates on this forum. The only people who will
see it are myself, the future volunteer, and your santa. If you have any
concerns about this, I would suggest optioning the online gift.
Any questions, please leave a comment and I'll try my best to reply a.s.a.p.

Thanks so much!

*****Also, please be advised that I will probably need a volunteer to help me manage the incoming information and organization. I would request that if you want to help me out with this you email The Official ONTD Hogwarts Secret Santa Email Address with a subject line of "VOLUNTEER", and detailing any experience you have with organizing a secret santa and confidential information. The person I choose will be notified soon.*****